CICTAR was formed by a group of unions and civil society organisations that believe workers and the community need more and better information about the tax arrangements of multinational corporations.

While corporations have the resources to invest heavily in understanding and lobbying around these activities, trade unions, civil society, workers and the community often do not.

CICTAR provides a centralised resource for these groups, providing information about the practical effects of corporate tax policy and behaviour.

CICTAR is currently staffed by our Principal Analyst, Jason Ward, supported by a network of academics and researchers from across the globe.

Jason Ward has been a frequent commentator on corporate tax issues as an analyst and spokesperson for the Tax Justice Network – Australia. He is currently an adjunct senior researcher with the University of Tasmania’s Institute for the Study of Social Change. Over the last several years Jason Ward has conducted in-depth research on Chevron, Exxon, the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT) and most recently on the tax practices of the largest for-profit aged care companies.

The following groups support the work of CICTAR