It’s been a big few weeks for CICTAR in the media. Our recent investigation into Microsoft’s suspect tax behaviour garnered huge interest in the world’s press. But even with all this attention on one case, there has been ample media attention on other CICTAR campaigns.

In Australia, the new Labor government has proposed mandatory public country-by-country reporting for big multi-nationals. Unions in Australia have long been pushing for this key measure for tax transparency and have been instrumental, with CICTAR’s support, in getting it up the agenda of the now-governing Labor Party. CICTAR’s role has been highlighted in well-respected tax publication, Tax Law 360, and in MichaelWest Media. Various NGOs have also recognised CICTAR and the labour movement’s work in making this proposal a reality.

Across the planet, the Guardian is using work by CICTAR to ask more difficult questions of Canadian care giant, Revera. Unions in Canada have been calling for the company, which is wholly owned by the pension fund for Canadian federal government workers, to be brought into public ownership to tackle a litany of accusations of poor care and bad working conditions.

Also in the care sector, the grim saga of French multinational, ORPEA, continues, as the company’s share price falls in the wake of swirling rumours about debt restructuring and investigations. In February, CICTAR revealed the extent of the company’s opaque tax dealings and financial structures.