Ben Butler and Melissa Davey
Fri 4 Sep 2020 21.00 BST

Pressure is mounting on the aged care sector and federal government to reveal how some $13bn in taxpayer funding, along with millions in new funding for Covid-19, is being spent to benefit residents.

Guardian Australia analysis of the 10 aged care homes worst affected by coronavirus in Victoria shows that three are controlled by two large companies, which between them received more than $1.45bn in government funding over the past two years and paid out dividends to their shareholders totalling $77m.

But while some in the industry have been reaping big profits, aged care homes are not required to tell residents and their families how many staff they employ and the skill-sets of those staff, including whether they are registered nurses. Nor are they required to disclose how much of the subsidy provided for each resident by the government is spent on care, food, and other services, or how much taxpayer money goes unspent or used on non-care related activities such as investments.

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