Deep in the tiny, landlocked European tax haven of Luxembourg a three-storey house sits on a leafy suburban street.

In the front driveway is a modest grey hatchback.

Next door some renovations are underway; a worker looks up casually as a car passes by.

It’s a prosaic, sleepy scene.

But the house at 21 Boulevard de la Petrusse, Luxembourg, is anything but ordinary.

The property, which carries zero markings or signage, is legally “home” to scores of companies, whose owners need never have set foot in Luxembourg, much less ever visited the three-level house at 21 Boulevard de la Petrusse.

The dwelling is also home to five companies that were operated by now Anglicare CEO Grant Millard: when Millard headed global tax affairs for a major international arm of Coca-Cola, a confirmed multinational tax cheat.

Company filings show Molino Soft Drinks Holding, Molino Holding, Leman Beverages Holding, Clarina Holding and Molino Beverages Holding were all operated from the exact same “registered office” – 21 Boulevard de la Petrusse, Luxembourg.

Anglicare, a so-called “not-for-profit”, is one of Australia’s biggest aged care operators, and receives over $230 million a year from Australian taxpayers.

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