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A Cheap Ride

April 26, 2021 Samira Ataei and Evert de Vos How Uber avoids taxes worldwide with Dutch private companies 'The car is untouchable in Australia. Wide streets, hardly any cyclists, plenty of parking spaces and excellent roads. The continent-sized country is fully...

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“Shocking”: Zero action over Anglicare tax haven CEO

April 2nd, 2020 Anthony Klan "Neither the board of aged care giant Anglicare Sydney or the Federal Government has taken any action whatsoever against detailed revelations its CEO - also responsible for the Newmarch House Covid disaster - previously ran international...

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On govt tech outsourcing and tax obligations

Joseph Brookes 28 March 2021 'Greater scrutiny of historical tax behaviour of tech giants should be considered by governments when awarding IT contracts, according to corporate tax experts who argue giving the work to local firms would deliver better delivery outcomes...

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