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Media Coverage on the Revera Report

Revera UK The Times reports on allegations of aggressive tax avoidance in UK care homes "A Canadian care home operator has been accused of using aggressive tax avoidance to extract profits out of its UK residences. Revera, which owns 56 care homes in the UK, uses...

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Digital Profits Tax – New CICTAR/PSI Brief

A new special briefing prepared by PSI and the Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability and Research outlines the case for a Digital Profits Tax to tackle tax avoidance by major tech companies.

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Millard’s Manor: meet Anglicare CEO’s tax haven HQ

Every one of the five companies Anglicare CEO Grant Millard is known to have operated in the notorious tax haven of Luxembourg – while he ran global tax affairs at an arm of international tax cheat Coca-Cola – is registered to one, single, unmarked house. The address, which also appeared in the Panama Papers, is home to scores of shell companies. It’s also home to a consulate for the African nation of Chad. Meet Millard’s Manor.

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