Ben Butler

Tue 2 Mar 2021 08.56 GMT

The government should tackle the potential for rorting of Australia’s existing aged care system by providers before thinking about introducing a levy to pay for an overhaul of the troubled sector, experts say.

In their final report, released on Monday, the aged care royal commissioners Tony Pagone and Lynelle Briggs said the government should introduce a levy on taxpayers that would be channelled into paying for the aged care system.

The levy was a joint proposal by both commissioners, who in their report found that the system needed fundamental reform to put residents before the financial needs of providers, but disagreed in many areas on what steps should be taken.


Jason Ward, the principal analyst at the trade union-funded Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability and Research, said transparency should come before new funding.

“This system doesn’t need more money until the people who are receiving that money are accountable for what they receive,” he said. “The system needs to be cleaned up before you put more money in it.”

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