The long-term CEO of one of the nation’s biggest “not-for-profit” aged care providers previously directed global tax affairs at Coca-Cola – one of the world’s biggest confirmed tax cheats.

Grant Millard, the CEO of the Anglican Church run Anglicare, previously spent 13 years at Coca-Cola at the “helm” of the beverage giant’s “aggressive global tax dodging strategies”, according to a detailed investigation by an expert tax-avoidance group.

The Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability and Research (CICTAR) said before joining Anglicare, Millard had been directing global tax affairs at Coca-Cola, in a period when it was “aggressively avoiding income tax payments”, which “deprived governments of billions in revenue” that could otherwise be used to “fund health and social services”.

The CICTAR report says Millard had been a manager of five Coca-Cola-linked “shell” companies based in the notorious tax haven of Luxembourg.

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