Can public confidence in the Australian government be restored?

An investigation by the CICTAR has revealed serious risks to the public interest at a major federal government infrastructure investment in Moorebank.

CICTAR’s new research exposes a recent $1.65 billion land deal that shows how much private interests may be profiting from close relationships to government – and the potential cost to taxpayers. Building on findings by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO), CICTAR research shows the links between the massive concessions made by the Commonwealth to Qube during the Moorebank negotiations and the company’s windfall profits from a recent property sale.

The current Liberal Government is bent on cutting funding to its independent regulators. This research makes clear that greater scrutiny is required in Australian federal politics. That means properly funding independent voices such as the ANAO, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and establishing a new federal commission against corruption.

“This research makes clear that greater scrutiny is required in Australian federal politics”

The Moorebank Logistics Park (MLP) is a nationally significant infrastructure development and will transform logistics from Port Botany. The MLP will dominate freight and logistics once fully operational, as the largest intermodal in NSW, and with a dedicated rail link from the port. Given its anticipated dominance, and the large federal government investment in the project, there is a significant public interest in the proper management of this asset.

The Commonwealth Government tasked its wholly owned business, the Moorebank Intermodal Company (MIC), with managing the procurement process and development of the MLP.