Multinational corporations providing labour and call centre staff to the Australian Taxation Office either share links with tax havens or engage in questionable tax practices, a new report has found.

Texas-based firm Stellar, the UK-based multinational Serco and Japanese giant Outsourcing Inc have repeatedly won lucrative contracts with the tax office, typically to provide outsourced labour or help run the agency’s call centres.

A report published on Monday by the Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability and Research (Cictar), headed by Jason Ward, has raised questions about the firms’ tax practices, prompting calls for the Australian government to do more to scrutinise the tax affairs of its major contractors.

The report traces Stellar’s links to tax havens, criticises Serco for its “history of creative accounting, which reduces tax obligations in Australia”, and attacks Outsourcing Inc for a “complete lack of transparency” on questionable transactions and a complex corporate structure.

Both Serco and Stellar issued strongly worded statements denying any allegation of tax minimisation, and were yet to see the report when contacted last week.

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